Start the Week – 25 July

After last week’s post mentioning Chris Anderson’s Email Charter, it seems a little inappropriate to start this week’s post with email signatures, but what the heck! Wisestamp is a great way of adding some Social Media goodness to your email signatures. There are too many options to go into here, but it’s definately worht a look. There are a couple of preequisites though, you need to be using webmail (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or AOL) and you need to be using a browser other than IE (hopefully you are already).

Some amusing examples of online ‘handles’. There is a point here too, how much consideration have you put into the name you go by online? Do you have more than one? Should you use you real name? and what should you use for your professional web presence?

An interesting look into how marketers are using data you put on the web to build a profile of you.

and lastly, some tips on strong passwords.

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