Choosing a twitter handle

One of the most important considerations in developing your web presence is the choice of your “handles”, those things that identify you in the various social media you participate in. 

 Do you really want to use @Ilovecats on your business card, or jg1234@hotmail  on your resume?   Do you want to merge your professional and private lives?  It pays to be strategic about these things, especially as the use of social media goes mainstream.

There are other considerations to keep in mind, and the bloggers at Media Culpa have compiled some good suggestions from around the blogosphere.

They recommend:

  • be consistent – use one name
  • short is sweet (especially on twitter)
  • consider integrating your blog name (Librarian in Black comes to mind)
  • try a combo of your name and industry
  • read more

Whatever you do choose, make sure it is something professional, recognisable and consistent!

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