Start the Week – 11 July

In case you hadn’t heard Google launched Google+ recently. If you’re wondering what it’s all about here’s a short overview. If you’re lucky enough to have an account, please invite us 🙂

One of the biggest drawbacks with eBooks is the ability to lend your books, or lack thereof. Movements like BookCrossing demonstrate our love for sharing what we read, but this is not so easily accomplished in the eBook world. Now that Amazon have recognised requirement for lending, sites like Lendle are beginning to form communities around book lending. There are still some fairly serious limitations, but it seems like a step in the right direction.

And, on the subject of sharing, it appears News Ltd’s new iPad only newspaper, The Daily, isn’t very keen on sharing.

Meanwhile, Wired discusses the issue of robots on Twitter. It’s a battle between humans and machines, and “the humans need all the help they can get”.

Finally, and staying with Twitter, Mashable has a nice guide on running, and participating in Twitter chats. Given that Twitter does realtime so well, it seems the perfect vehicle for a conversation, as anyone who follows the #qanda hashtag on a monday night would know.

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